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from Tomales Bay


Hatsu means “first” in Japanese. We named our oysters Hatsu because they’re the first oysters from Tomales Bay to be grown in suspension and the only oysters in California farmed using this method.


Oysters grown in suspension differ in a variety of ways from oysters grown in the traditional ground bag method. At Starbird Mariculture, suspension trays hang from barges in the cleanest part of Tomales Bay. As a result, the oysters never come into contact with mud, sand or silt. The oysters are also able to expend less energy growing their shells and more energy growing their meat. And the constant water flow means the nutrient-rich algae that is their food source is plentiful, and the gentle upwelling and tumbling from water movement produces a firm shell with a deep cup.


This produces a uniquely crisp, clean, flavorful meat, plump and juicy, with a sweet aftertaste, unlike any other oysters grown in California. 


Starbird Mariculture provides fresh specialty oysters, weekly, to these and other fine restaurants:

Bar Crudo, San Francisco

Water Bar, San Francisco

Fisherman's Cove, Bodega Bay

Terrapin Creek Café, Bodega Bay

Swan's Oyster Bar, San Francisco

Nara Sushi, San Francisco

Willie's Wine Bar, Santa Rosa

Bird & The Bottle, Santa Rosa

Monti's, Santa Rosa

Sea Food Peddler, Sausalito

We hope you enjoy our oysters—and the merroir side of life!

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